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Mandala Coloring Book Meditation (Digital)

Mandala Coloring Book Meditation (Digital)

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Meditation Coloring Book |chakra yoga mindfulness | Yoga Coloring Book - DIGITAL

The 3rd eye is also called the brow chakra and is an integral part of yoga and meditation

The Ajna Chakra is the sixth of the seven main chakras. It is also known as the third eye, the eye of intuition. The Ajna Chakra stands for higher perception, i.e. intuition. It also stands for knowledge and clarity, for buddhi, reason, and is therefore considered the master chakra. .
This coloring book combines the third eye and the meditative effect of mandalas. A coloring book for relaxation, creative meditation, stress reduction, mindfulness and serenity.

The Ajna Chakra Coloring Book includes

  • 8,5x8,5"
  • 50 pages+ unlimited copies
  • Third eye mandalas
  • Third eye illustrations
  • for relaxation and balance in everyday life
  • to deblockade kreativity
  • 300dpi pdf file download

This mandala coloring book also makes a great gift for people who value personal growth, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, inner balance and spirituality. The meditative coloring also has a calming effect and is good for relaxation, as a gift for stressed people, as a yoga and meditation gift.


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