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Sun Moon Stars Celestial Coloring Book (Printbook)

Sun Moon Stars Celestial Coloring Book (Printbook)

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Sun Moon Stars Celestial coloring book for adults

An inspirational coloring book for all souls who appreciate the workings of the universe and the influence of the planets in our daily life and purpose.

The moon coloring book includes
  • A4
  • 70 pages
  • black backs (so that nothing presses through, ideal for hanging up)
  • moon phases
  • geometric bodies
  • sun and moon unity
  • dreamcatcher
  • free spirits - Boho
  • healing hands/crystals
  • interaction of the planets
  • Zodiac Circle
  • Tarot and prophesy
  • Beautiful Boho Elements

For those who love mindfulness, meditation, yoga and living in the here and now. Coloring beautiful templates brings relaxation, it is meditative, it deblock your creative senses and helps you to find balance.and clearitiy.

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