Insects & Beetles Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

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Bugs Coloring Book | Zentangle Book | Beautiful Beetles and Insects for adults | relaxing & stress relieving

Beetles Coloring Book for Adults and Teenager

Enjoy this Coloring Book with amazing bugs, beetles and Butterflies in a mandala ZEN - zentangle style - stress relieving, balancing, relaxing and recovery art book for bug and beetle lovers
The zentangle book includes

  • 8,5x8,5"
  • 100 Pages
  • black backsides - no pushing through
  • moths
  • butterflies
  • dragonflies
  • mantis
  • rhino beetles
  • black backs so nothing goes through - ideal for framing
  • different styles
  • a beautiful insects world

This bugs and nature scapes coloring book is a great gift for insect lovers, for zentangle fans