Fairies Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

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Fantasy Coloring Book | Beautiful Fairies for adults | relaxing stress relieving |

Beautiful fairy Coloring Book for Adults and Teenager

Enjoy this Coloring Book with amazing fairies in a mandala ZEN Zentangle style - stress relieving, balancing, relaxing and recovery art book for fairy and fairy tale lovers. For Centuries fairies and trolls were normal neighbours and now we remind them in a most beautiful way. With awareness and new spirits in the new age.

The zentangle book includes

  • A4
  • 66 pages
  • black backsides - no pushing through
  • fairies with butterflies
  • different styles
  • a magic fairy wonderworld
  • the colored cover is included
  • matte Softcover

This fairy coloring book is also a great gift for fairy lovers, for zentangle fans, for stressed people, for those who need some calm hours to recover

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