12 weeks food tracker (Printbook)

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12 weeks food tracker to reveal your food intolerances/allergies: food sensitivity journal for intolerance | 6"x9"

★★★Food sensitivity and intolerance tracker journal★★★

Symptoms as rash, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, stomach pain and headache can be easily and safely disclosed by using a food tracker - and helps you to adjust your diet. Medicines also hit the stomach - so it makes sense to include them as well.

★A simple, effective helper - also for your doctor, who can get a bigger picture of your intolerance/allergies and therefore treat you better★

★The food diary includes:

  • 6x9"
  • 130 pages + unlimited copies (as much as you need)
  • 12 week daily tables
  • Your data
  • Table of Contents
  • weekly review (overall rating for this week, notes)
  • 12 pages to enter "I can take it well" and "I can't take it well" plus 4 pages for your own notes
★The daily table includes:
  • date
  • day of th week
  • Time
  • Food / drink / medication
  • what & how much (gr / ml )
  • Complaints - when?
  • Complaints - what kind?
  • how strong? 0 none at all -10 extreme
  • mood
  • notes
★★★Your food allergies log will become a helpful tool for a healthy, carefree life★★★