My Year of Gratitude - Gratitude Journal (Printbook)

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◆My year of gratitude ◆

This gratitude journal will help you to recognize these little pearls of life and to pay more attention to what is really important. You can enter your daily moment of happiness, what you struggled with today and what you are grateful for today. In addition, the weather, which always has an impact on our lives, and your basic mood from sad to happy. Wonderful quotes about gratitude and happiness helps you to feel and see the little miracles in your life. . It only takes about 5 Minutes of your day.

  • 376 pages XXL - for a full year of gratitude
  • 6x9"
    • 12 beautiful gratitude quotes
    • write in what you are grateful for
    • write in your moment of happiness
    • write in what you struggled with today
    • incl. weather and mood tracker
    • place for own notes

Today I am grateful that I can share this beautiful diary with you.

◆I wish you many moments of gratitude and happiness◆

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