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Monsoon Publishing USA

Magic Mushrooms Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

Magic Mushrooms Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

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Mushrooms coloring book for adults

An magical mushrooms coloring book with celestial elements.

The coloring book includes
  • A4
  • 80 pages
  • black backs - no pushing through
  • matte softcover
  • beautiful mushrooms
  • muchrooms with sun moon and stars
  • mushrooms with healing crystals
  • zentangle mushrooms

In our hectic and unstable times, we look for support and guidance and question many things. The universe and the connection with the ancient knowledge of planetary movements, the healing effect of hands and ancient rituals is what many are looking for and in which they have found a home. Whether in the classic esoteric sense or simply about the closeness to the energies of the universe. Mushrooms and Herbs are recognized again in those times as a great healer and psychodelic medication for all kinds of mental issues. The reconnection with the Universe calms down our soul and make place for great healing. All shamans of the world using mushrooms or other substances like Ayahuasca to connect to the gods and ancestors.


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