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Mandala Coloring Book black background (Digital)

Mandala Coloring Book black background (Digital)

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Black Beauties - Mandalas on black background - mindfulness coloring
This lovely Mandala coloring book for adults includes various mandalas in different styles. The black background make the colorful mandalas shine like diamonds. The designs are of various difficulty levels and offers you many stress relieving, meditating and fun hours to free your spirit

  • 8,5x8,5"
  • 59pages
  • black backsides - no pushing through
  • black backgrounds for brilliant colors
  • instant download 300 dpi pdf file

#mandalas #mandala #indianmandala #mandalahealing #mindfulness #coloringmandalas #coloringbooksforadults #adultcoloring #stressrelieve #mandalameditation

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