Sober - How do I get through this ALIVE - Sober Journal (Printbook)

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Sober - a journal to help you stay clean

Highly addicted myself for many years, I've managed to live a clean life for over 10 years - and it's really been worth fighting for. In this sober journal, I'll give you some tips and insights along the way and how I've managed to stay clean. In the end everyone has to find their own way, but I want to give you the opportunity to benefit from experiences. I give effective tips for handling cravings, help in finding your goals and 60 diary pages with a mood barometer for the first, difficult weeks of your clean life.

  • 6x9"
  • 90 pp
  • some words
  • what you have done so far
  • emergency contacts
  • important personal contacts
  • meeting addresses

The sober journal includes

  • Date and Day
  • how are you feeling right now
  • what you did today
  • what you struggled with
  • what was good, proud of
  • what are you grateful for today
  • cravings
  • what you did to get over the cravings
  • conclusions
  • what you could do better tomorrow

You don't need more than 3 minutes for a journal entry - this increases the chance that you will stick with it. This book is made by an addict for addicts - because self-help is the most important tool next to therapeutic help. With lots of love and compassion: Sonja