Sugar Skulls Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

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Black book in the "day of the dead, dia de los muerto"s - style, with outstanding old school traditional Skulls, new school Mexican Skulls, Animal Skulls, Catrinas (Skull Women) and funny Skulls with Sombreros!

Next to beautiful designs the coloring of such illustrations is very relaxing and satisfying, and on top stress relieving! Take a cup of Coffee, Tea or a glass of wine, take your book and sink in the world of creativity and bright colors. You will realize the balancing effect on your mind and body.

The book includes:

  • 86 pages
  • black backs - no pushing through
  • high quality sugar skulls
  • Relaxing and balancing effects
  • black backgrounds for brilliant color contrast
  • traditional and stylish designs with a large range of sugar skulls
  • matte softcover

The sugar skull book is also a great gift for your friends, family, mexico fans, dia de los muertos lovers, tattoo and skull lovers, retro 50s 60s fans