Africa Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

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Africa Coloring Book for Adults: Animal Zentangle Coloring Book | Africa Coloring Book | Beautiful african animals, nature & native people

Longing for Africa - Fantasy Safari

A wonderful Africa coloring book for adults - dream into distant worlds, in African steppes, coasts and the incredible diversity of the continent. A coloring book to relax, switch off and recharge your batteries.

The Africa book contains

  • 59 pages
  • 22x22cm
  • African flora, for example Baobab trees, landscapes, steppes
  • African fauna: elephants, hippos, giraffes, onyx antelopes, okapis, hyenas and much more.
  • African culture e.g. Women portraits
  • a wonderful mental safari to dream
  • matte softcover

The Africa coloring book is also a great gift , and a creative activity book