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Digital 12 weeks food tracker to reveal your food intolerances/allergies: food sensitivity journal for intolerance | 6"x9"

★★★Food sensitivity and intolerance tracker journal - instant download for unlimited pages to print★★★

Symptoms as rash, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, stomach pain and headache can be easily and safely disclosed by using a food tracker - and helps you to adjust your diet. Medicines also hit the stomach - so it makes sense to include them as well.

After a short time you can see what you should better avoid (e.g. because of a lactose intolerance)

★A simple, effective helper - also for your doctor, who can get a bigger picture of your intolerances/allergies and therefore treat you better★

The diary is made for 12 weeks. This gives you a good overview of symptoms and causes.

Fill in the table on a daily basis. At the end of every week you can create a weekly review and enter exactly what you can tolerate and what you can‘t. After the three months you will find 12 pages to list all foods that do not cause symptoms and for those that you should avoid.

Sometimes intolerance also gives rise to allergies. Allergies can trigger anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening. For this reason you will find the symptoms of shock and your emergency contact, as well as your allergy doctor or clinic, in your diet book.

★The food diary includes:

  • 6x9"
  • 130 pages + unlimited copies (as much as you need)
  • 12 week daily tables
  • Your data
  • Table of Contents
  • weekly review (overall rating for this week, notes)
  • 12 pages to enter "I can take it well" and "I can't take it well" plus 4 pages for your own notes
★The daily table includes:
  • date
  • day of th week
  • Time
  • Food / drink / medication
  • what & how much (gr / ml )
  • Complaints - when?
  • Complaints - what kind?
  • how strong? 0 none at all -10 extreme
  • mood
  • notes

★high quality 300dpi PDF to download★

★★★Your food allergies log will become a helpful tool for a healthy, carefree life★★★

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