Password Organizer - I came, saw & forgot (Printbook)

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Clear Password Organizer / offline password logbook
This password pages will help you out, if you know who you are - but forget your passwords! Store the passwords of your favourite websites, apps, devices, and credit cards. Easy to find with tabs and the A-Z system.

The password keeper includes:
  • 120 pages
  • Table of content
  • A-Z pages for website passwords
  • Computer and Devices: like PC, Laptop, smart-tv, tv-provider, WIFI
  • Mobile Phones: unlock, pin, puk
  • Mobile Apps: google, online banking, twitter, facebook etc.
  • PINs: bank card, credit cards, store cards, loyality cards...
  • Email Adresses
  • lot of space for own notes
  • matte softcover

The book is also a great gift for elderly people, gift for grandma and grandpa, for those who like to keep important data offline, for friends and family - get your copy now and enjoy the easy way to find your passwords.