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Healing Quotes Book & Journal (Printbook)

Healing Quotes Book & Journal (Printbook)

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◆Healing Quotes Book◆

In this book I want to give you the opportunity to not only think about healing quotes, but write down your own thoughts about it. When you are depressed, when you struggle with your past or just need some advice, grab the book and just open it at any page. Think about that quote and think about how it relates to your situation. To think of it in a constructive way will help you to see things from another perspective and it will help you in that exact moment.

60 pages
30 inspirational quotes about resilience
with beautiful designed backgrounds
next to 30 pages for own thoughts
a wonderful way to clear your mind and stay in awareness

◆Have some inspirational hours with this book,
and in the end you just have to do one simple thing: keep breathing. ◆

This books is also a wonderful gift for your loved ones who suffered in relationships, struggling with trauma, or are on a healing path in general.
This little helper will be a reminder: you got this!

This book is also available with Resilience Quotes.
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