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Outline Reverse Coloring Book (Digital)

Outline Reverse Coloring Book (Digital)

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Outline - reverse coloring book printable

In this reverse coloring book, I provide already painted content, e.g. watercolors, which gives you the unique opportunity to draw and design the outlines and lines yourself.

The coloring book includes

  • 37 full color pages
  • from easy to challenging:
  • with instructions, tips and tricks
  • improves your hand-eye coordination
  • releases creative blocks
  • selected, unique templates and flowers - watercolors

The coloring book is based on difficulty and gives you the opportunity, even if you are not used to it, to test and develop your line swing. Since Outlines isn't about being super accurate, it's a great exercise book: just get started and don't get too cerebral. Every line is a good line, and straight imperfect lines give the watercolors a modern abstract look. Look forward to great flower arrangements and beautiful plants.

A wonderful coloring book for relaxation, for meditative painting, for relieving stress.

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