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RV Travel Camping Logbook (Digital)

RV Travel Camping Logbook (Digital)

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Digital RV Journal | Camping Log Book | RV Travek Journal | Campside Reviews

Welcome to the new travel diary / camper van logbook

This travel companion is an all-in-one travel diary for everyone.

The camping journal contains everything you need for camping or motorhome vacation:

  • 150 pages + unlimited copies!
  • Important telephone numbers for police, repair services, all emergency numbers
  • checklists for documents, finances and route
  • packing lists for clothes, caravan equipment, and the beloved dog
  • service lists and maintenance protocols for the technology in the towing vehicle/trailer or camper

On 100 logbook pages you will find a place for

  • starting place and destination
  • driven kilometres
  • GPS coordinates
  • reviews of campsites
  • price
  • location
  • shopping
  • space for a route description/events

At the end of the book, there are year/season reviews to fill out - so you can review each year and draw a conclusion. Even years later you can look up what the highlights of any given year were and happily reminisce about the good times.

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