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Kombucha Brewing Journal (Digital)

Kombucha Brewing Journal (Digital)

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If you love to make kombucha at home, this book will be a great help to find the right recipe.
Kombucha became very popular due to its great health benefits and taste. Especially now a lot of homebrewing people start to experiment with new recipes, flavors and the second fermentation for a sparkling note.

The Kombucha notebook helps you to document and evaluate your creations:
green tea, six minutes, eight days fermentation? Hibiscus tea, 3 minutes in hot water, fermented for 7 days, with maple syrup ..There are hundreds of options and flavors.

The Kombucha Log Pages contains:

  • Name of your Kombucha Recipe
  • Date
  • Kind of Sugar in gram
  • Additives (place for six and more)
  • Tea variety
  • Tea used in Gram
  • Tea brewing time in minutes
  • Kombucha brewing time in days
  • PH level
  • Temperature
  • Color (five colors to chose from)
  • 2nd Fermentation and additives
  • Tartness from zero to sour
  • Sweet from zero to shock
  • Sparkling from zero to disco
  • Overall Result from bad to Deluxe
  • Place for own notes
  • full color pages

Find your favourite Kombucha Recipes and start, create and enjoy your homemade Scoby Superfood!


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