About Us

Dear Customers,

My name is Sonja, a 52 years old Graphic Designer and owner of Monsoon Publishing LLC. I am from Germany but don´t live there anymore and see myself more as a world citizen.

Monsoon Publishing is actually the new company name of former "Musterstück Grafik" and was founded 2008 as a side business. 2017 I decided to go full into business and started creating Coloring Books for Adults, Coloring Books for Teenagers, Notebooks and Journals.

As AI went so big the last year, I also use it to create Coloring Pages. It´s fast, it´s beautiful, and a lot of people love them. You can find the AI created Coloring Books using this link, they are mostly classified with "Grayscale Coloring Books" : Grayscale Coloring Books

If you are more drawn to zentangle and hand drawn coloring pages, have a look at my Coloring Books for Adults Collection. You can find them here: Coloring Book for Adults

My heart goes to all, who find some soothing, stress relieving and calming hours with my books, who love to be creative and I hope a lot of new people find their way to this wonderful hobby. And don´t forget: you don´t have to be a master painter. It´s about being creative and have fun!

Lots of love,

Sonja from Monsoon Publishing