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Winter Gnomes Coloring Book for Adults (Digital)

Winter Gnomes Coloring Book for Adults (Digital)

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Christmas Coloring Book | Cute winter gnomes | skandivavian gnomes

Christmas Gnomes coloring book for adults - digital

Gnomes, especially Scandinavian gnomes, live everywhere and influence our lives. Santa's gnomes and pixies are different. They help Santa Claus to make and deliver the presents. Time to pay tribute to these hard-working helpers!

The Gnome / Imp coloring book includes
  • 52 pp. + unlimited copies
  • 22x22 cm
  • Christmas elves, Winter Gnomes
  • Scandinavian gnomes, Nordic gnomes
  • Christmas trees and Christmas tree balls
  • different styles: sketch, drawing, zentangle
  • from simple to demanding: so its for the kids too
The Gnome coloring book is a great gift for Christmas or for the pre-Christmas period.
And for everyone who loves winter and gnomes.

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