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Home Sweet Home Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

Home Sweet Home Coloring Book for Adults (Printbook)

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adorable illustrations | reading, baking, sewing, knitting, embroidery

Home sweet home!

Our favorite place? Our home, our refuge, our little realm with a lot of security.

This lovely illustrated coloring book for adults shows everything we love at home: reading, sewing, baking, bathing, yoga, eating cake, drinking tea, partying, knitting, painting, being creative, cuddling with dogs and cats, look out of the window at a rainy day ... it takes you into the cozy warmth of a room with a fireplace, into the wonderful autumn when the weather is raging outside and we can make ourselves comfortable at home.

The coloring book includes:
  • 55 pages
  • 8,5"x8,5"
  • black backsides - no pushing through
  • beautifully illustrated living scenarios
  • matte Softcover

The home coloring book is a wonderful gift for autumn, for rainy and cold days, for everyone who loves their home and wants to be creative. A great coloring book for adults and teenagers for cozy hours.

Put on tea, light candles, have pens ready and off you go: relax and calm down!


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