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My Horse Riding Journal (Printbook)

My Horse Riding Journal (Printbook)

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Cute horse riding journal and diary for girls
You love horse riding and horses? Write down everything about your love to horses, your horse, your stable and your riding lessons.

The horse book includes:

  • 100 pages
  • 6x9"

Part 1:

  • your name and adress
  • I am horse riding since
  • I love riding because
  • I´ve known my horse since
  • My riding stable: Namen, Adress, what they offer for horse keeping and riding
  • My horse
  • name, race, colour, sex, draw it, take a pic, draw the leg marking and body spots of your favourite horse, draw the facial markings, the charactar of your horse, what your horse loves, and don´t like, funny quirks...
  • Riding Equipment: List of needed equipment for horse riding for you and your horse

Part 2:

  • My horse riding lessons:
  • Date
  • Name of the horse
  • Day of the week
  • what you practice (ground work, galopp, seat, jumping, arena figures....)
  • that worked great/progress
  • I have to practice that a bit more
  • Motivation of you and your horse
  • Weather
  • Mood/Satisfaction
  • Conclusion
  • and at the end of the book a review: what we achieved together/thanks for
  • and two empty pages for own notes


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